Help Steve with the Seaton Bay Birding Report!

David Walters sent the following note from Steve Waite:

“Hi David,

I wonder if you could forward the following around your email group…

After a meeting of the Axe Estuary and Seaton Bay Bird Report team I came up with the attached form.

One of the biggest issues of writing a local bird report is the lack of relevant data available for the section writers, so we came up with this idea.  I will hold and manage a database of local bird records.  All bird records should be submitted using the attached form ONLY.

We aren’t after every Blackbird or House Sparrow sighting, but if you were to see say a flock of 30 Blackbird, or have a large breeding colony of House Sparrow then we would be interested.  The every day garden birds in low numbers no, but anything slightly unusual or out of place, or a high count then YES PLEASE!!! If you aren’t sure whether the record would be of any use to us, then please just send it in anyway!

I think the form is quite self explanatory.  We welcome any records for 2011, although they must be in by the end of January 2012.  2012 will be the first full calendar year this system will be in operation, so please if you have nothing for 2011, make this one of your New Year’s resolutions.

We only require bird records within the Axe Estuary recording area, this includes the Axe Estuary and all its marshes, Seaton, Axmouth, The Undercliff LNR (up to Rousdon), Musbury (only the southern edge of the village) Colyton, Colyford, Holyford Woods, Branscombe Mouth and Beer. If you are not sure whether your sighting(s) is/are in or out of the recording area, then please still send them in.

And remember the Devon Birdwatching and Preservation Society are always after your bird records too, wherever you live in the County! Anything submitted to me using these Axe Estuary Submission Forms will also be added to the DBWPS database.

Please email completed forms to

Many thanks

Steve Waite”

I haven’t changed the form at all, just hoped that there might be some people who see this post who may not be on David’s newsletter that can help out!

Download the form  here: Axe Estuary Birds – Seaton Bay bird report submissionform (b 2011)