Welcome to Nature in Devon

Welcome! “Nature in Devon” is the name of this new home on the web for a nature area in East Devon, at Lower Bruckland Farm.

For a few years, some very generous people have been sending us fantastic wildlife photographs taken at the farm. Until now, these photographs have been viewable on Fishing in Devon where they were perhaps not given the exposure they deserved.

Since we started adding photographs to the old website, times have changed. The nature area around the fishing lakes has slowly been transformed, and as a result has become home to various different species of wildlife. The old site, with its focus on fishing, was outgrown by the content that referred to the wildlife/nature aspect. Now, we hope to keep all the news on sightings and wildlife photographs here, at Nature in Devon.

Over the next few weeks, we hope to have the new gallery up and running (with as many of the old photographs as possible), and more information and photos about the nature area as it now. For now, please visit the old gallery page and the old nature page, and stay tuned!

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