With the continuing unseasonably mild weather, along with plenty of wind and rain, it was a quiet month for birds at Lower Bruckland Ponds.

DJNupcloseIn previous years this month has produced some unusual duck species as they are displaced by cold weather

from their usual wintering sites (i.e. Pochard, Tufted Duck, Pintail) but not this year. The occasional Teal was the only other species of duck noted other than Mallard.

In the trees there’s still one or two wintering Chiffchaffs on site, but less Siskins and winter thrushes. At least two Lesser Redpolls were still feeding in the alders on 19th though and offered some excellent views.


The poor weather has not only been unhelpful for looking at birds, but it’s meant no bird ringing has been able to happen. Well, except for the ringing of one very specswan ffotial bird…

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