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Since our old site won’t be around forever, I thought it would be a good idea to have a backup of all the old news here. With that in mind, here it is! Hopefully all the links should still work for a while at least… 🙂

31/7/08 – More photos from Hazel!

Hazel has sent us 3 new photos taken recently (thanks again!).

10/7/08 – Small tortoiseshell and scarce chasers from Hazel

We have received some photographs from Hazel Land who visited Lower Bruckland on June the 23rd. She managed to capture (on camera) a small tortoiseshell butterfly and a great shot of 3 scarce chasers in close proximity. You can see the images here and here respectively. Many thanks to Hazel for sending them in!

28/5/08 – Bird photographs from Steve

In an unprecedented flurry of excitement, here is a second gallery update in a week. Thanks very much to Steve for sending them in!

22/5/08 – New photos

Warning — I am no photographer! However the weather was good so I thought I would take some mediocre snaps just to show how nice the lakes look on a sunny Sunday morning! Have a look in theMay 2008 folder.

29/2/08 – First update of 2008

The website may not have been busy for a few months but things have not slowed down at Lower Bruckland. As of tomorrow, 1st March 2008, the fishing lakes will be open again for the season, and the self-catering holiday cottages that were mentioned in September are nearing completion, and will look fabulous when done. In the next 24 hours there will be photos of the development available in the gallery, as well as some more up to date shots of the nature area and fishery. [Edit: photos now uploaded]

9/10/07 – Yellow-browed warbler!

There was a bit of commotion from the local ornithologists this afternoon when a yellow-browed warbler (which I gather from this thread at birdforum.net was spotted in the area in the last week) appeared at Lower Bruckland. You can read Steve’s post on the subject. The forums there are a great place to keep up to date on the birdlife (and more) around the Seaton/Colyton area. If anyone else spots any interesting visitors, please let us know!

3/10/07 – Butterfly photos from Chris Root, Water Vole Recovery Project

Chris has emailed us some more photographs taken around the Lower Bruckland site. Last time they were mainly dragonflies — this time they are mainly butterflies, and they look great! Chris is a professional photographer and his email address is on his numerous pictures in the butterfly/dragonfly sections of the gallery if you want to contact him regarding his work.

Also, recently the River Axe Water Vole Recovery Project completed their Year 1 report. Lower Bruckland was one of several sites involved in the project, which you can read about here and here.

19/9/07 – Self-catering accommodation for 2008

Work has recently begun in modernising and converting some older barns on the current farmhouse site to create 2 separate self-catering cottages, with 2 bedrooms, 1 ensuite in each. They will be ready some time in 2008, and will give anglers/nature lovers from further afield the chance to stay a little longer to indulge their hobbies.

18/9/07 – New image gallery

The image gallery section of the site has been extended to accommodate all the great photos taken around Lower Bruckland that are being sent in. Special thanks to David Land and Chris Root for some brilliant contributions! We are just in the process of sorting and annotating the photos but they are there for all to see already.

17/9/07 – Osprey, bird hide, new project

Over the past couple of weeks there have been a few things to report: firstly an osprey was again spotted around the lakes (perhaps the same one from July, enjoying the view!). Also, a new birdwatching hide has been completed on the island in the middle of the lower lake. And finally, plans for an information centre/gallery regarding the species around the site are being discussed… watch this space!

25/7/07 – Butterfly Conservation site report (2006) online

Thanks to the Devon Branch of Butterfly Conservation for letting us have a copy of their report for Lower Bruckland for last year! You can download it here!

25/7/07 – Checklist, wildlife photos, osprey and hobby spotted!

You can now download the sheet of photos of species likely to be seen at Lower Bruckland.

Thanks to David who has sent us some great closeups of butterflies and a moth he came across (seegallery).

Thanks also to Nigel who sent us the following message:

I spent an enjoyable morning around Musbury and Lower Bruckland today – an osprey flew past Musbury Castle with a fish in its talons, a hobby was hunting at Lower Bruckland and there were the following dragonfly species – small red eyed damselflies, ruddy darter, red-veined darter, common darters, common blue damselflies, blue-tailed damselflies, black-tailed skimmers and emperors.


9/7/07 – New photos

There are a couple of new photos in the gallery, taken over the past month or so—some nice sunsets.

29/6/07 – Show off your skills!

If you, your children or anyone you know have done any photography or art involving or inspired by the lakes, we’d like to feature them on the site! Please see the contact page and get in touch with us!

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