Glow worm photos

In another recent post, we featured some spider photos sent in by Keith. In the very same email he also managed to get these excellent glow worm photos.

Now for something rather more difficult. The light emitted by a glow worm.

4 seconds exposure, hand held, of the light given out by the luminous area at the tail.

The glow worm/firefly illuminated by torchlight. The luminous light can just be seen at the tail. 15th of a second exposure.

Another glow worm light. Again 4 seconds exposure. This and the next picture are the same insect.

And here is the creature illuminated by torchlight held far enough away not to spoil the natural luminance at the tail. 1 second exposure.

Keith adds that “these creatures can be seen along the path just east of St. Gregory’s Church, where the church-ground path joins the walk way. Don’t be afraid of the dark!”

All photos were taken in late August and early September, and are © Keith West 2011, reproduced here with permission.

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