3 Sensational Spider Photos

When Keith sent in some photographs of a spider he found recently, along with some glow worm photos, I was tempted to upload them as quickly as possible to share them with the broader internet. However, I think it only does them justice to treat them separately as they are of two quite different subjects, and also using different techniques and conditions.

I’ll take the notes directly from Keith’s email, as he has very helpfully given us some insights into how he took these spider photos.

Here is a portrait of a grand old chap found in my gas meter box:

Taken in my “photo box” and then taken back to his home:

The squares are 5X5mm to give an indication of his size:

As always we are immensely grateful for photos sent in.

All photos were taken in late August and early September, and are © Keith West 2011, reproduced here with permission.

Axe Estuary nature photos from Keith West

We received an email from Keith who has been busy taking the following photos around the Axe Estuary. He has very kindly allowed us to feature them here.

Keith says “I am a retired photographer/retail manager, not a bird/insect specialist… I just enjoy being able to combine my photographic skills with learning about wildlife”.

Well, thanks very much to Keith for sharing these great photographs, they look pretty professional to us!

All photos copyright Keith West.