Butterfly Conservation Survey (2006!)

Just moving some stuff over from the old site and I noticed the Butterfly Survey that Phil Parr of Devon Butterfly Conservation supplied to us in 2006. Okay, so it’s 5 years out of date, but we haven’t had too many posts on butterflies recently so I thought it was about time!

You can download the original here:

Butterfly Conservation (Devon Branch) – Lower Bruckland Site Report 2006

But here are the salient points, without the nice butterfly pictures:

Butterfly Conservation (Devon Branch) Survey 2006
Species Max No. Date
Small Red-eyed Damselfly 54 Jul-23
Red-veined Darter 9 Jul-4
Common Blue 6 Aug-17
Clouded Yellow 4 Aug-17
Small White 4 Aug-17
Red-eyed Damselfly 4 Jul-23
Speckled Wood 3 Aug-17
Small Copper 1 39311
Painted Lady 1 Aug-17
Emperor Dragonfly 1 Jul-3
Lesser Emperor 1 Jul-16
Common Darter 1 Jun-13

For those that don’t know, Butterfly Conservation have been studying and helping to protect butterflies in the UK since 1968; thanks to Phil and his colleagues, firstly for doing what they do for butterflies, but also for passing on the reports!

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