February Update

Despite the arrival (finally) of some proper winter weather, there’s several signs at the Ponds of an imminent season change.
At a quick glance it’s easy to see most the resident waterfowl have paired up, with the males becoming more territorial and aggressive towards each other. Coots, Moorhens and Little Grebes have spread out
across all ponds and all of last years young birds have been driven away.

The female Mute Swan is spending time repairing her nest ready for the new breeding season, and can often be seen sat on it now.

The wintering Stonechat remained until mid month, with far fewer Siskin around the site now. It won’t be long now before the summer migrants arrive, with Sand Martins and Swallows sure to feature in the next monthly round up – this is always a very exciting time of year for all nature lovers.LBPFeb1

It’s not just birds that are showing signs of springs.  Flowers and blossom has been early this year, and on the last day of the month a Seven-spot ladybird was something of a surprise


– not v7spotladybirdery often seen in February.

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